About us

Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy is designed on the Indian concept of 'realizing divinity and serenity through music and art' and aims to exhibit, demonstrate and educate upon the fundamental / original musical instruments from nearly 160 nations of the world. It is a matter of pride that it has been established on Rajbaug, the land once owned by the legendary filmmaker and actor Raj Kapoor, which is now owned by MAEER's MIT Group of Institutions, Pune. It was the wish of Shri. Raj Kapoor that this land be used for academic and educational purposes and accordingly, MAEER's MIT has established a world class educational complex consisting of an IB School, a Design School, Marine Engieering College, Food Technology College, International School of Broadcasting and Journalism and now Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy.

VISION: Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy envisages the promotion and propagation of Indian Classical and Folk Music and Performing Arts including Indian Classical and Folk dance forms, in order to awaken the Indian Esteem and Pride (Bhartiy Asmita) and promote Culture of Peace in the world through Music.

MISSION: The very MISSION of "VISHWASHANTI SANGEET KALA ACADEMY" is to educate, train and nurture talented and potential aspirants of music from the world over and transform them into World Class Musicians/vocalists/performers based on the deep-rooted and time-tested value-based traditions of Indian Classical Music.

This Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy also aims to establish and reveal to the world community, a co-relation between Science and Spirituality of Music in order to experience its "Divinity" and attain "Peace of Mind."

Bharat Ratna Smt. Lata Mangeshkarji is the Chairperson of Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy and she will guide and bless Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy through her tremendous wisdom and knowledge, earned from over six decades of dedicated service to music.

Further, the Academy will have world renowned personalities in the field of Music like Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkarji, Pandit Bahauddin & Pandit Saiduddin Dagar, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Gundecha Brothers, Pandit Uddhavbapu Shinde-Apegaonkar and many more as its mentors and guides to champion the noble cause of promoting the "CULTURE OF PEACE IN THE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC" with appropriate realization of the ULTIMATE REALITY - THE ULTIMATE TRUTH - THE ALMIGHTY!

This World Class "Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy", Rajbaug, Pune, will house and exhibit the most unique fundamental / original musical instruments from the world over, along with the relevant information and literature on how to use and play these instruments, their history, origin and the art and science behind them.

The Academy has been developed with a very unique infrastructure consisting of Seven (7) BUILDINGS with DOME structures depicting the Seven (7) MUSICAL NOTES OF THE OCTAVE, arranged in a circular design, having the necessary Audio-Video and other allied facilities to educate and train the deserving students of Music. There is also a central dome building depicting the first sound in the universe - 'AUM' - 'NADBRHMA'.

This Vishwashanti Sangeet Kala Academy, Rajbaug, Pune, India will certainly work towards being the 'Centre of Excellence' in the field of music and fine arts in the coming days and it will certainly convey the appropriate time-tested human values based on Indian Philosophy, Culture and Traditions.

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